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Monday, May 26, 2014

Top 10 Myths About Dreadlocks

Top 10 Myths About Dreadlocks - The truth about dreadlocks

Dreadlocked hair is one of the most misunderstood hairstyles. Throughout my dreadlocks journey, I have heard many rumors and myths about dreadlocks, people seem to ignor everything.
here are the top rumors you may come across, and the facts about them:

Rumor 1
To have dreadlocks you must stop washing your hair, it needs to be dirty to lock
Fact: dirty hair is not healthy and it dreads slower, your hair must be clean to dread properly

Rumor 2
Only black black people can have dreadlocks, or it suits only black people.
Fact: Dreadlocks are for everyone, it's all about patience and spirituality.

Rumor 3
Dreadlock people smoke weed or they are potheads
Fact: Not true, dreadheads are not rastas and many of them don't even smoke cigarette

Rumor 4
To have dreadlocks you must put some product on your hair 
Products you may hear are good for dreadlocks: Honey, Toothpaste, Glue, Shewing gum, Mayonese, Candle wax, hair Gel...
Fact: Not true, do not put anything on your hair because it's unhealthy, it will become dirty and you will damage the scalp. 

Rumor 5
Dreadlocks damage your scalp, or will make you lose hair.
Fact: Not ture, if you take good care of your hair.

Rumor 6
To remove dreadlocks you must shave your head
Fact: Not true, you can remove your dreadlocks, it's a hard process but it can still be done.

Rumor 7
The only Natural method to have dreadlocks is the neglect/freeform method
Fact: I would say it's the most natural way, but some hair textures will take a long time to lock, with a little backcombing or twisting, the process would be faster, that's all, they're still natural methods, the hair dreads itself in a natural process.

Rumor 8
Rubberbands will break your hair
Fact: If used in the right way, rubberbands help sectionning your hair and help tightening the roots especialy on new formed dreads.

Rumor 9
Dreadlocks are for Rastas only.
Fact: Rastas didn't invented dreadlocks. Cavemen used to have dreadlocks because the comb wasn't invented yet, dreadlocks are for everyone and for many reasons: fashion, spirituality, religion... whatever is good for you

Rumor 10
After shaving your dreadlocks, your new hair will grow as dreads.
Fact: your hair jusr grow, your scalp doesn't even know you have dreadlocks.

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