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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dreadlocks Backcombing method

Dreadlocks Backcombing method

Backcombing method for dreadlocks is also a natural method of dreading IF you don't use any dread wax or product with it.
Backcombing works perfectly on all kind of hair, NO EXCEPTIONS even on very straight and smooth hair.. It's the method that tells that every human can have nice dreadlocks.

How to do the backcoming method? 
First thing is that you section your hair in squares, you can choose from big or small depending on the dreads size you want, you may use rubberbands to secure your sections and take them off later.
then using a comb that has teeth close to each other. start combing the hair backwards, you begin from to the root of the hair to the end of it.
I haven't made a video on how to use the backcombing method to make dreadlocks but I have found one that explains how perfectly, and as you could 

Advantages of dreadlocks backcombing method:
while backcombing, you control the size of your dreads. 
they mature faster than other methods. 
backcombing works on all kind of hair especially straight caucasion and asian hair. 
It's almost an all natural method.

Disadvantages of dreadlocks backcombing method:
The backcombing process takes few hours. 
Need someone to help you. it hurts sometimes. 
You may lose some hair in the process.

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