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Friday, October 17, 2014

Dreadlocks and water - swimming and showering

Many people that have just started their dreadlock journey are wondering if they can swim with their dreadlocks, here are some few points that you should know about water and dreads.

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1-Swimming with dreadlocks is very fine, especially in the ocean

2-if your dreads are less then 1 month old, it's better that you avoid swimming too often
3-It is ok to also swim in pools. the Chlorine doesn't hurt your dreads as long as you rinse them well right after
4-if you're swimming with dreadlocks in their first few months, you may notice some loose hair afterwards, it's ok
5-Make sure to dry your dreads after showering, do not sleep with them wet or put them in a hat
6-it is better to not swim in lakes and rivers without a swimming cap

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