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Monday, January 11, 2016

How to wash dreadlocks - Tutorial

How to wash dreadlocks - Tutorial

Washing dreadlocks is the number one dreads related issue that many people are confused about. Many think that in order to have dreadlocks you should stop washing your hair, while it is actually the other way around, if you want to have healthy clean dreadlocks you must wash them on a regular basis. Clean dreadlocks mature fast while dirty hair is gross and makes your scalp itchy.

Washing Dreadlocks video tutorial:

My personal dreadlocks washing routine:
you may do just as I do or you can do your own, the keys are: residue free shampoo, good rinsing and good drying.

  • I first get my hair wet and give my scalp a gentle massage
  • Then I put some of my shampoo on my palms and rub it all over my scalp (I don't use it on my dreads because that will happen later, also if your dreads are new be gentle with the rubbing)
  • I get under the shower, the shampoo become bubbly and I rub it all over my scalp and dreads very well (massage carefully if your dreads are new)
  • once I feel that I shampooed all my hair I proceed to rinsing
  • I set the shower to the strongest mode and let water run through my dreads ( the more you stay under water the better)
  • I squeeze my dreads to get new clean water runing through them again
  • I repeat the rinsing and squeezing until I feel it's enough
  • I turn off the shower and start squeezing my dreads to get all the water out
  • Once I feel that I can't get any more water out and my dreads stopped dripping I proceed to drying.

You can watch the whole Dreadlocks Journey here

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